Markus&Markus (Hildesheim)


24.10. 8.30 pm - 10.15 pm

25.10. 7.30 pm - 9.15 pm

26.10. 8.00 pm - 9.45 pm

Schwere Reiter


Entrance € 18 | Reduced € 9


In German with English surtitles

In Ibsen's GHOSTS Oswald asks his mother to help him die. She has her doubts. And along with her, societies all over the world have their doubts about whether there is a basic right for the individual to self-determine to die. Markus&Markus met their Oswald, 81-year-old Margot, on April 1, 2014 and accompanied her during her last days, while she put her things in order, and as she traveled to Switzerland. To the place where for years now a few organizations have been offering medically assisted suicide. On May 22, 2014 Margot was buried. IBSEN: GHOSTS doesn't solve the moral dilemma of medically assisted suicide, it adds more dilemmas to it. What is one allowed to show in theater? When do we become voyeurs?
And so the very touching portrait of a person is created whose life story is unspectacular but worthy of being told.


Concept and direction Markus&Markus (Katarina Eckold, Lara-Joy Hamann, Manuela Pirozzi, Markus Schäfer and Markus Wenzel) Performance Markus Schäfer and Markus Wenzel Guest Margot Collaboration Miriam Walther Kohn


The theater collective Markus&Markus from Hildesheim, Germany, has had a reputation for radical political theater since 2011. Through the confrontation of documentations of realty with the stage as an illusion machine, the group blurs the borders between staging and reality. The collective's productions have received awards - including an award from the Kapitalismusschredder (»Capitalism Shredder«) festival - and have been invited to numerous festivals. The members of Markus&Markus are Katarina Eckold (cinematographer, editor, animator, sound and video designer); Lara-Joy Hamann (production manager, concept developer, and translator); Manuela Pirozzi (set and costume designer); Markus Schäfer (concept developer, author, and performer); and Markus Wenzel (concept developer, author, and performer).


Production and realization
Production Markus&Markus. Coproduction: Gessnerallee Zürich, ROXY Birsfelden and Mousonturm Frankfurt. Supported by Stadt Zürich Kultur, Kanton Zürich, Migros Kulturprozent, Fondation Nestlé pour l’art, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Fachausschuss Theater and Tanz BS/BL
Realisation in cooperation with PATHOS München. Supported by the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ Guest Performance Fund for Theatre, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Departments of Culture and Arts of the German federal state.