Mamela Nyamza (Capetown)


27.10. 9.15 pm - 10.00 pm

Gasteig Carl-Orff-Saal


Entrance € 18 | Reduced € 9


An artist talk will be held after the show on October 27.


In English

Mamela Nyamza's grandmother supposedly called out »Wena Mamela« in desperation and frustration when Mamela once again ran off to her ballet classes instead of finishing her homework. Between the garden and the pickaxe – the ultimate tool for women in African agriculture – on the one hand, and classical music and posing on the other hand, Mamela Nyamza performs an eccentric solo that reflects her personal history as a black South African woman and dance artist. She dissects the shackles of traditional role descriptions in shimmering images and with a life-sized doll made of bast fiber and with extravagant costumes.


Choreography and performance Mamela Nyamza Puppet design Jannie Young, Handspring Puppet Company Costume and stage design Mamela Nyamza Music African Songs - National Symphony Orchestra of the South African Broadcasting Corporation, Richard Cock


Mamela Nyamza, born in Cape Town, trained as a dancer and danced in musicals such as LION KING and WE WILL ROCK YOU. In her own, partly autobiographical works she deals with her status as a »different,« as a black dancer, as well as with political and social subjects that have to do with her homeland South Africa. Nyamza also sees herself as a political activist, and she is active in the areas of social work, and dance and movement therapy. Among her most well-known works are HATCH; HATCHED; SHIFT; THE DYING SWAN; and IDOLLS. Mamela Nyamza's projects have been shown internationally and have received subsidies from, among other countries, Senegal; the Republic of Congo; the U.S., Canada; Germany; Slovenia; and Austria.


Production and realization
Production Mamela Nyamza. Thanks to Germaine Acogny and Robyn Orlin
Realisation supported by the Goethe-Institut