Milo Rau | Residenztheater (Zurich | Munich)


02.11. 8.00 pm

03.11. 8.00 pm

Residenztheater Marstall


Entrance € 24 | Reduced € 8


In German, Bosnian and Serbian with German surtitles

What happens to people when their convictions and countries crumple and fall apart? The fall of the Third Reich and the horrors of the war in Yugoslavia form the historical acetate for an intimate chamber play about the dark sides of Europe as it unites. Actors from Bosnia, Germany, Russia, and Serbia relate personal stories on expulsion and homelessness, leaving a place and arriving somewhere else, commitment and desperation. Biographical close-ups, accompanied by music composed for THE DARK AGES by the Slovenian cult band Laibach.


Concept, text and  direction Milo Rau Text and performance Sanja Mitrovic, Sudbin Music, Vedrana Seksan, Valery Tscheplanowa and Manfred Zapatka Dramaturgy Stefan Bläske and Sebastian Huber Stage and costume design Anton Lukas Camera and video design Marc Stephan Music Laibach Dramaturgical assistance Lucia Kramer and Rose Reiter Assistant to the director Jakub Gawlik Translation Marija Karaklajic Research Stefan Bläske and Mirjam Knapp Production management Mascha Euchner-Martinez


Milo Rau (b. 1977) studied sociology, German, and Romance studies. He has worked as a director and author since 2003. In 2007 Rau founded the theater and film production company IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder – to produce and evaluate his artistic work. His theater productions and films have toured through more than 13 countries and have been invited to important national and international festivals. Rau received the Swiss Theater Award in 2014; the War Blinded Audio Play Award (for HATE RADIO); a Special Award at the Festival of German Film (for DIE MOSKAUER PROZESSE); and the Jury Prize at the festival Politik im Freien Theater (for THE CIVIL WARS). THE CIVIL WARS has been elected as part of the »Netherland's and Flanders' best plays of 2014/15«.  In addition to his stage and film work he is a lecturer in direction, culture theory, and social sculpture at universities and art schools.


Production and realization
Production Residenztheater in cooperation with Milo Rau/International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM). Special shows in the context of SPIELART festival