Astrit Ismaili (Priština | Amsterdam)


05.11. 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm

06.11. 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm

i-camp | Neues Theater München


Entrance € 12 | Reduced € 7


NEW WORKS talk on November 7, 11 a.m. at Muffatwerk | Ampère


In English, German, Spanish, Albanian and Greek


Three dimensions hurtle toward one another and collide, but exist alongside one another: drawings, texts, and songs created by Astrit Ismaili and personified by three performers. They explore the diversity and energize the space and bodies. Dreams and gender identity, art and market, dependency and spirituality are the themes of the performance. P.S.: Don't forget your wallet or purse.


Direction Astrit Ismaili With Andreas Hannes, Antonia Steffens and Jose Manuel Portas Bulpe Drawings, music and text Astrit Ismaili Light Nico de Rooij Advisor Rodrigo Albea Support Jeroen Fabius


Astrit Ismaili could be seen at SPIELART 2013 as a performer in Antje Schupp's project LOVE.STATE.KOSOVO, and he caused a sensation with his interpretation of Nina Simone's song FEELINGS. Now he returns with his own ensemble piece.


Production and realization
Production DasArts - Master of Theater